2. Prisoners of Geography Book Review

Prisoners of Geography Book Review


Politics has always been a topic which is able to stimulate some very deep discussions. The wide and varied opinions are what make for discussions to become heated or persons to realize they really differ in their varied opinions. Tim Marshall has certainly done an excellent job in his writing of Prisoners of Geography.

His in-depth rendition and analysis of the many geopolitical issues of the countries he cared to speak about, will certainly have you thinking. Life may not be the same for you if you are really involved in what he has to say. You may even become a bit cynical in your report or opinion of this book.

The book speaks of the many constraints that limit many countries when it comes to economics, geography as a whole; the limitations of travel by rivers, seas or waterways, mountains, forestry, these restraints are what seems to be problems when you think of free travel. The USA, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Greenland, and Arctic Russia, Latin America, and China are all examined by him. His analyses of their many strengths and weaknesses have certainly lent itself to food for thought.

The political decisions of these countries as it relates to defense, trade, travel, health, and the weather systems, and how they survive, has been examined in great detail by this very deep thinker.

Persons who have read this book come away with many and varied conclusions. One person thinks the book is outstanding, and if you never read any other political exchange for this year, you are well read. They have taken away from this read a sense of fear which continually ties each country together. The in-depth planning and strategizing to ensure survival is all entangled in fear. Fear of the old cultures that are so integrated into their history as to force them into a sort of isolation.

Another reader thinks they are so messed up they really have made some decisions about their survival that need a lot to be desired. Paranoia has fueled many of these countries decisions as they relate to their neighbors geographically. Why do they need to be so? Is it because of the need to control? Is it their need to be bigger and better than their neighbors?

No help is given to their neighbors even though it is obvious the need is there. I remember a story of a farmer who has a river running through his land. He dams up the channel and wants to sell the water to his neighbors’. They need the water and after a long drawn out feud, they comply, as it was their only way to survive as farming was their livelihood. Now, why could the farmer not allow the God-given River to flow peacefully through so the other farmers had water? Control!

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